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Miercoles, 4 Julio 2010 3:45
Una vida errante premiado
Se lleva dos premios Eisner
Miercoles, 4 Julio 2010 3:30
Saint Seiya Next Dimension, el retorno
El 19 de agosto regresa a las páginas de la Shonen Champion
Domingo, 1 Julio 2010 1:40
Madhouse habla sobre Supernatural The Animation
Los hermanos Winchester se enfrentarán a yôkai
Domingo, 1 Julio 2010 1:30
Nueva serie para Sanada Jyuu Yuushi
Anime histórico sobre los guerreros del clan Sanada
Viernes, 30 Julio 2010 1:15
Dr. House se enfrenta a Black Jack
Campaña de promoción para la serie en Japón
Viernes, 30 Julio 2010 1:05
Más anime gratis en la web de Boing
Beyblade Metal Fusion, Dinosaur King y las Supernena Z se unen al club

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Ilustraciones de manos

Ilustraciones de manos



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I have mentioned already that the door opened as slowly and noiselessly as though she were afraid to come in. Standing in the doorway she gazed at me in a perplexity that was almost stupefaction. At last softly and slowly she advanced two steps into the room and stood before me, still without uttering a word. I examined her more closely. She was a girl of twelve or thirteen, short, thin, and as pale as though she had just had some terrible illness, and this pallor showed up vividly her great, shining black eyes. With her left hand she held a tattered old shawl, and with it covered her chest, which was still shivering with the chill of evening. Her whole dress might be described as rags and tatters. Her thick black hair was matted and uncombed. We stood so for two minutes, staring at one another.

Comentado por ??? ??????, 25-12-2013, 15:39 (UTC):
"I know; but what am I to do? I can't help it," she said and her voice was as full of anguish as though she were facing the scaffold.
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Comentado por ??? ???????, 24-12-2013, 20:48 (UTC):
We heard the deep note of the bell ringing for vespers. She started. Anna Andreyevna crossed herself.
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Comentado por TUMI ??, 24-12-2013, 14:42 (UTC):
So I brooded despondently, and meanwhile time was passing, Night had come on. That evening I had promised to see Natasha. I had had a letter from her the evening before, earnestly begging me to go and see her. I jumped up and began getting ready. I had an overwhelming desire to get out of my room, even into the rain and the sleet.

Comentado por ??? ??? ??, 23-12-2013, 19:48 (UTC):
"I'm certainly rather afraid I can't work in this weather," the young emissary confessed.
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